Nordic Fitness Walking Instruction Video

See How Tone 'n Trek Poles Simplify Nordic Walking

We realize that fitness walking with poles is new to most folks, so here's a short video to help you determine if this modern way to walk for exercise is the thing for you - or for your friends and family. 

The Tone 'n Trek™ Nordic Walking Instruction Video provides simple, straight-forward instruction ideal for Beginners with no prior experience Nordic walking.  It also includes a section comparing Tone 'n Trek poles to others to help you decide which poles are best for your needs.

Directed by a world-class Nordic fitness walking expert, this video will help you to quickly learn the basics of how to properly Nordic walk from the very first time to get the most out of the exercise.  You'll see for yourself just how easy and effortless this exercise is - it's not rocket science, that's why millions are already doing it!

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

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 Fitness and Health Benefits
(2:22 minutes)

 Getting Ready
(3:56 minutes)
Basic Instruction & Technique
(3:30 minutes)
Common Mistakes & Helpful Tips
(1:25 minutes)
Warm-up / Cool-down Stretches
(0:38 minutes)
Compare to Regular Walking
(1:09 minutes)
Compare Tone 'n Trek to Other Poles
(3:52 minutes)

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