How To Nordic Walk: Basic Instruction

Total Fitness.  Totally Easy To Do.

Nordic fitness walking with Boomyah™ Tone 'n Trek™ poles is easy for anyone to do, regardless of age, fitness level or athletic ability.

By following the simple instructions below and in our Instruction Video you should be able to quickly get the hang of it and experience the added fitness benefits from the very first time out.

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Before You Head Out:  Getting Ready

Before you start your Nordic fitness walk, you first have to get yourself set up with the poles.

This is where you will really notice the many advantages of Tone 'n Trek's innovative, Patent-Pending poles compared to all other Nordic walking poles.

Tone 'n Trek Simplicity™ poles include many unique features that make them more simple and hassle-free to use than any other poles so, unlike others, it takes just seconds to get yourself ready to go.  

Step 1: Pick Your Pole Tips

Choose the tips that will provide the best traction for your walking surface.

Rubber Traction FeetHard Surfaces: Real-Grip Rubber Traction Feet

Sidewalks, roads, indoor tracks & malls and firm sand

steel tipsSofter Surfaces: Steel Tips

(Remove Rubber Feet) Dirt or gravel trails, grass, snow and soft sand

sand/snow basketsSoft Sand or Snow: Attach Sand/Snow Baskets

Slide over steel tip and turn until snug (smooth surface of basket faces up)

Step 2: Adjust Pole Length

Adjust poles to exactly the length you want - it's E-Z!

Use poles at the exact length you wantIdeal Length: Elbow at 90 degrees

Holding the pole upright in front of you with your hand on the grip, bend your elbow forming a 90 degree right angle.

  • For beginners, try the poles a little shorter.
  • For more experienced, try them a little longer.

EZ Flip Lock is easy to use. Screw adjusts the tightness of the lock.Adjust Length: Use E-Z Flip Lock

Simply flip open the lock, slide pole to desired length, then flip the lock closed. It's that easy!

  • Check to be sure poles hold tight when locked. If the poles move, simply tighten the screw on side of lock.

Rubber Traction Feet: Toe Facing Backwards

The "toe" of the Rubber Traction Feet should always face backwards, behind the walker, for optimal traction.  Only Tone 'n Trek tips have a keyhole-shape guide to ensure they always face the correct direction.

Step 3: Strap In

Markers indicates which strap goes on which hand.Secure hands into straps, snug and comfortable.

  • RIGHT and LEFT hand are indicated on the straps.

  • Insert hand into glove with black elastic between thumb and forefinger.

  • Adjustable velcro strap for just the right fit.Tighten Velcro strap across back of hand.

BONUS! Unique Push-Button Quick-Release Straps

Tone 'n Trek poles include a unique Push-Button Quick-Release Strap feature that makes it fast and easy to free your hands from the poles without taking your hands out of the straps. It's convenient and hassle-free to grab your water bottle or cell phone, tie your shoes or zip your jacket.  Most others don't have this feature.

To Remove Strap:
Push in the button and pull out strap from the handle.

To Attach Strap:
Insert plastic connector piece of strap smooth-side-down until it's tight and you hear a click. Make sure it's attached securely.

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Let's Go Nordic Walking:  Basic Instruction and Technique

Nordic fitness walking with Tone 'n Trek is an Easy 3-Step Technique:

Step 1: Reach and Grip

Arms relaxed, just walk as you normally do then reach out with the first pole, holding the grip firmly yet comfortably.

  • Front hand is opposite front foot
  • Arm extended, elbow slightly bent like shaking hands
  • Pole at 45 degree angle

Step 2: Plant and Propel

Plant the pole tip behind your body and push off to propel yourself forward. Nice and easy works fine or exaggerate it for an even better workout.

  • Plant pole behind body
  • Actively push off

Step 3: Stride and release

Stride and release your hand from the pole as far behind you as possible, using the strap to catch the pole and swing it forward for the next stride.

  • Arm far behind you
  • Pole and arm form straight line
  • Hand releases from pole


  • Going Uphill:  Lean forward slightly, take longer strides.
    For an extended uphill, consider adjusting poles to make them slightly longer.
  • Going Downhill:  Bend knees slightly, take shorter strides.
    For an extended downhill, consider adjusting poles to make them slightly shorter.
  • Going For Even More:  You can use Tone 'n Trek poles when running or even roller blading to turn these activities into total-body workouts.

For Maximum Effectiveness:

    • The poles are always held at about a 45 degree angle,
      never straight up & down.
    • Pole tips are always planted behind the body,
      never in front of you.


Fitness walking with poles may seem a little awkward at first, but most get the basic hang of it very quickly and immediately feel the extra benefits compared to regular walking. In fact, many find that after Nordic walking for a while it actually feels strange when they don't use poles!

As with any new exercise we suggest you consult your physician before starting, and take it easy at first - you may be working muscles that haven't been used in a while.

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Further Instruction

By following Tone 'n Trek's simple instructions and techniques you should be able to quickly get the basic hang of the exercise on your own. However, as with any exercise or sport, working with a trained expert can help you to maximize the benefits, learn new techniques and stay motivated.

We recommend using an independent instructor, such as those trained by ANWA, the American Nordic Walking Association.  ANWA is the only independent Nordic walking instructor certification program we're aware of - they provide excellent instruction without bias toward any brand of poles.

There are also many instructors affiliated with various pole companies.  They should be able to provide good instruction but please be aware that they usually have exclusive arrangements and financial incentives to push a specific brand of poles, regardless of what may be best for your situation.

Choosing your poles is a completely different decision than choosing an instruction program.  Your classes will be done in hours, but you'll use the poles for years so make sure you get the best ones for you (not your instructor). 

Tone 'n Trek poles can be used with any reputable Nordic walking/ pole walking/ ski walking instruction program, including those that sell their own poles.

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