A Smarter, Better Way to Walk for Fitness

Nordic walking, pole walking, ski walking...whatever you call it, Europe's hottest new fitness trend is now spreading around the world.  Over 8 million people have switched to Nordic walking.

Using specially designed poles, you actively involve your upper body to turn walking into a total-body exercise.  You burn more calories in less time, tone your arms & upper body muscles and reduce stress on knees & joints - yet it feels effortless.

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Tone ‘n Trek™ Poles: Innovative Hassle-Free Design

New Patent-Pending Boomyah™ Tone 'n Trek poles are different than all others. They include many advanced features designed to make them easier and more comfortable to use than any other Nordic walking poles.

  •  Only E-Z Flip Lock = faster, easier to adjust poles than others
  •  Quick-Release Straps = click-in, click-out convenience
  •  Only No-Turn Shaft Groove = no need to straighten rubber feet 
  •  More comfortable & simple to use straps and grips
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Nordic walking is easy, why should the poles be a hassle to use?  Check out all our innovative items: Non-Conformist poles, Tattoos Designer Pole Reflectors, Bags, Combo Packs & more.

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Many pole companies are passionate about their instruction programs - our passion is creating more user-friendly poles and accessories.

Tone 'n Trek poles can be used with any reputable Nordic walking instruction program, even those that sell their own poles.  Enjoy!

Why Is Nordic Fitness Walking So Popular?

Nordic walking is one of the fastest-growing new exercises in history.  Why?  Because it’s just plain better than regular walking:  

  • Burns up to 40% more calories – great for weight loss
  • Tones your arms and upper body muscles
  • Takes strain off your knees, hips and lower back
  • More time-efficient: get more out of walking, in less time
  • Gives added balance and stability on uneven terrain
  • Easy for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level
  • Can do it anywhere you walk for fitness, any time of year
  • No need to walk any faster 
  • And much more!  Click here to learn more about Nordic Walking

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